Groundhog Removal

Whether you think of the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray or the actual day where the groundhog predicts how much more winter is left, everyone knows about groundhogs. These critters, also referred to as woodchucks, are considered to be cute by some people, but they can cause severe damage to your property. These master tunnelers are becoming very common in suburbia, and are quite adept at living around people. Continue reading to find out what damage they cause and how you can safely and humanely remove groundhogs.

What damage do groundhogs cause?

Groundhogs love to burrow. They build massive networks of interconnected tunnels that span large areas underground. They love to dig right next to buildings, under decks, porches, sheds, and almost any other kind of structure. It might not seem like a problem, but these tunnels severely undermine the structural capability of your home’s foundation. That is why it is so important to remove groundhogs quickly, as foundations are expensive to repair.

 These critters do not harm humans with any type of health risk, as they are scared of humans and other animals. That being said, if you have plants or any kind of garden or crops, groundhogs will ravage them. The holes they dig can also be dangerous if a human or pet is not watching where they are walking. Due to these reasons, it is important that you remove groundhogs from your property as quickly as you can.

How can I prevent groundhogs?

There are no really good ways to prevent groundhogs from coming onto your property. One of the only solutions is to take away the food sources that are easy for them to get to. This means keeping pet food locked up tightly and also picking up any fruit that falls from your fruit trees. You can also try to use some repellents, but these are generally a waste of money.

How can I catch groundhogs?

Groundhogs can be easily caught with cage traps. In fact, this is one of the only ways that wildlife control professionals will catch them. Cage traps are readily available at many home improvement stores, as they are not deadly and are safe to use around pets and children. You can bait these cage traps with fresh vegetables and once this is done, make sure the trap is well camouflaged, as groundhogs are cautious creatures. Before you start catching them though, it is important to pay attention to laws in your area regarding both the trapping and the release or putting down of groundhogs.

Why hire a wildlife removal company?

It is a great idea to have a wildlife control company come to take care of the removal of groundhogs. Not only will you not have to worry about it once you have called them, but they will also perform inspections on the damage caused by the groundhogs. This is highly important, as the burrows could have severely damaged your foundation’s integrity. If you are in Maine and looking for someone to do this, consider calling A&D Construction Plus, so that we can put our experience to work for you.


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