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Insulation Removal and Replacement

Insulation Removal and Replacement

Animals do a lot of damage when they enter your home, and this causes you a lot of problems. Some of these problems are severe, throwing your whole life into disarray. While the rest are pretty minor, and will usually go unnoticed for quite some time.

Insulation damage is a dangerous mix of both because it’s easy to miss and minor at the start. Yet it can quickly grow into a big problem, costing you a lot in the long run.


Why Remove and Replace the Insulation?

Animals usually damage your insulation when they enter insulated areas of your home, like the attic. These creatures will leave their waste on this material. They might even tear it up and use the shreds to build their nests.

Their waste can dirty up your insulation, which helps cultivate and spread disease.

While torn insulation may not seem that bad, it can cause a lot of problems down the road. That’s because insulation helps keep your home at a moderate temperature, and it prevents heat from entering or exiting your home. So once it’s torn or damaged, your home will feel much colder during the winter and much hotter during the summer. That means that you’ll have to spend most of the year in discomfort, or you’ll have to keep your heating and air conditioning on for longer, which drives up your bills.

That’s why you should have the damaged insulation replaced, as it fixes both of these problems.

How is Insulation Removed and Replaced?

Insulation can be both difficult and dangerous to remove.


Before the insulation is even removed, our experts will prepare your home for the task. They’ll make sure to remove all the furniture from the room, as this prevents the dangerous insulation particles from landing on and contaminating your furniture. The room’s windows will also be opened, allowing the insulation particles to exit your home. Finally, the surrounding area will be covered with a material, because this prevents surfaces from being damaged by debris.

Our technicians will also have to prepare themselves before they remove the insulation. They’ll need to fully cover themselves in gear, as the insulation particles are known to damage the lungs when inhaled.


Once everything is ready, we’ll get to work by removing the insulation. This is done by using a vacuum-like device to suck in all the insulation, at which point any remaining clumps are removed by hand.


We then work on replacing the removed insulation. We’ll first find out what kind of insulation will best fit your home. Then we’ll attach it to your walls. Finally, we’ll cover up gaps in between the insulation to prevent air from getting in or out.

How Can A&D Construction Plus Help?

If you’re dealing with wildlife in your home, make sure to call A&D Construction Plus. We’ll be able to remove those animals in no time, returning your home back to its usual state. We’ll even remove and replace any damaged insulation, so you won’t have to deal with high heating bills. Call us today to schedule our services!


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