Mice Removal

Mice can cause a lot of damage, and they can spread a lot of diseases. That’s why you should immediately try to remove them before they can multiply and ruin your home.

Removing mice isn’t an easy task, and it requires a lot of experience to do it effectively. Yet by following these simple steps, you’ll be able to remove these small critters just like the pros.

Investigate the Mice

Investigation is important and will give you a massive advantage when it’s time to trap these animals. You should keep an eye out for these rodents, and you should figure out where their nests are. Make sure to look out for entries as well, and to figure out how they came into your home in the first place.

Choose Your Trap and Bait

Trapping is the best way to remove mice from your home.

Some people might try to use poison, but that causes a lot of problems. One problem is that poison can spread to your pets, and another is that the poison kills the mouse while it’s in a hard to reach spot. That means the mouse will die inside your walls, and you’ll be stuck with a rotting corpse.

Instead of using poison, you should choose one of the popular traps mentioned below.

  • Snap Traps: These are cheap and effective. They’re great for killing large numbers of mice.
  • Live Traps: These let you relocate the animal instead of killing it. Yet they’re bulky and you risk being bitten or catching diseases.
  • Glue Traps: These traps are easy to place. Yet they can’t be reused and they’re very inhumane.
  • Electric Traps: These traps are expensive, but they’re very effective. They’re considered to be humane and can be reused several times.

Using any of these traps will help solve your problem. You can pair that up with good bait, like peanut butter or cheese, to quickly catch the pests.

Place the Trap

Placing the trap is a crucial step, and there’s a lot of nuance to it. You should use what you learned from your inspection, and place the trap near the animals’ nest. It’s a good idea to keep the trap at a ninety-degree angle to the wall, as the mice will be more likely to be trapped that way. It’s also a good idea to wear gloves when placing the traps, otherwise the traps will have a human scent that will scare off the mice.

Once the trap is set, you just have to wait. Make sure to check up on your traps regularly, and to remove any trapped mice. You’re advised to wear gloves here as well, as it prevents the spread of disease.

Prevent Future Infestations

Trapping the mice is all well and good, but it’s not very useful if another pest can get into your home and replace them. That’s why you should make some changes to prevent future infestations, and thus save yourself from a lot of headaches in the future.

The most important step is to seal up all the entries you found when investigating the problem. This makes it much harder for animals to get in.

Then you should make your home undesirable to wildlife. Start by removing all food sources from your lawn. This involves sealing up your trash can, keeping pet food indoors, and harvesting any fruits and vegetables you have the moment they ripen.

You should then make it harder for the animals to sneak into your home. This involves cutting your grass, trimming your hedges, and cutting back branches that are near your house. This takes away an animal’s hiding spot and makes it harder for them to enter your home.

Get Help from A&D Construction Plus

Mice removal is a long and fairly difficult process. The steps mentioned here don’t even take into account all the cleaning and repairing you’ll need to do.

That’s why you should call A&D Construction Plus. We’ll be able to remove the mice quickly and effectively. We’ll also help sanitize and repair all the areas damaged by these rodents. Finally, we can even assist in preventing future infestations. So call A&D Construction Plus now to learn more about our various services.


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