A bat/flying squirrel exclusion is a service provided to allow the colonies to safely vacate a structure by means of a one way door with no means of entering at secondary entry points.

Bats do have a time during the summer where this process is put on hold due to being endangered and the mothers having there babies. This time is June-August. Special permission needs to be given from State biologist to deviate from waiting. Only ADC licensed people are allowed to do these exclusions.


Trapping services are provided for numerous animals. Squirrels, raccoons, etc. Free inspections are always done first to properly determine the correct situation and proper solution.


Cleaning and sanitizing of spaces contaminated from animal feces, urine, and bedding materials. At time of inspection it will be determined if this service is needed. 

Animal Damage Repair

We can fix any damages done by animals to you home.

Home Remodeling/Repair

Room remodeling is available. Bathroom, kitchen, etc.  Don has over 20 years experience in all areas. 

We can repair or replace roofs, decks, siding, windows, etc. 

Pest Control

We provide pest control for ants, mice, hornets (etc.), flys and many others. We service within 50 miles and all other areas we refer to Maine Pest Solutions.