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Many people see squirrels throughout the day and do not really think much of it. Squirrels are fine animals to be around when they are in your yard or in the wild. However, when one gets into your house, garage, or any other building you have, they are not so fun to be around. Squirrels have ways of getting into seemingly impossible places and if there isn’t a place of easy access, they will make their own holes. Continue reading to find out all about the damage squirrels cause, how to prevent them from getting into your home, and how to remove them once they are in your house.

What problems do squirrels cause?

Squirrels are actually very destructive critters, and that is a fact that surprises many people. There are a destructive risk to your home, as well as a health risk to your family. Squirrels are known to carry many types of diseases, and several of these can be harmful to humans. Humans can get these diseases from coming into contact with squirrel feces, squirrel saliva, or direct contact with a squirrel. It is unlikely for a squirrel with rabies to attack someone, but there have been cases where they have gone after small children and pets. In addition to these health risks, there are also damage risks.
Squirrels cause many types of damage to people’s homes. They often chew their way into attics and set up nests. They will chew on electrical wires and this could potentially start a fire. Squirrels often make their way into chimneys and build nests, which can cause a fire as well. These little critters will chew through many types of material, including wood, causing structural damage. The final big problem is that if squirrels die inside your attic or walls, they will smell terrible. Regardless of which one of these problems makes you want to get rid of the squirrels, they are all important for you to be aware of.

How can I prevent squirrels?

An easy way to keep squirrels away from your home is by simply removing the easy food sources. They often will eat scraps thrown out by humans, as well as any type of pet food they can find. Many people love their trees and would never consider getting rid of them, but if you cut back on a couple of trees, your yard will be less appealing to squirrels. These are easy fixes that will cut down on the appeal of your property to squirrels. But what will you do if squirrels like your property either way?
One of the best ways to prevent squirrels from making their way into your home is to give your home a thorough inspection. Look for any kind of gap or hole, and if you find any, patch them with aluminum sheeting or sealant. Squirrels also can chew through wood, so always be on the lookout for points along your roofline where squirrels have been gnawing. As with most animals, prevention is the best way to get rid of squirrels.

The Exclusion Method for Flying Squirrels

A&D Construction Plus uses the exclusion method when we have to remove flying squirrels. Essentially, it allows flying squirrels the ability to leave your home by the use of one-way doors, so that they will not be able to come back in through this entry point or anywhere else. This is an excellent way of removing flying squirrels, as this method allows them to leave at their will, greatly reducing the amount of time spent waiting for them to be trapped in a cage.

Once animals of any kind have been removed from your home, attic, garage, chimney, or wherever else they were, it is vitally important to prevent them from getting back in. A&D Construction Plus will inspect your home to make sure that it is as squirrel-proof as it can get. We also offer consultation and quotes to fix any entry points we see where animals can get in

How do I remove squirrels?

Squirrels present a difficult removal problem because many times the squirrel that is in the attic or walls will be a female who has made a nest. In this nest will be baby squirrels that will need to be removed as well, otherwise, they will die slowly and smell terrible. If the squirrels are big enough to move on their own, they can be caught in cage traps, which is usually the most efficient way of doing it. There are repeater-style traps that will catch multiple squirrels at a time. Once caught, these squirrels can be released into the wilderness. It is not recommended for people to try to trap squirrels on their own, due to the baby issue and the fact that all of the repairs to the attic need to be looked at by a professional.

Why hire a wildlife removal company?

Hiring a wildlife removal company to get rid of your squirrel problem is a great move, as they will search your attic for any baby squirrels, as well as trap all of the older squirrels. You can be assured that they will be released safely and that the whole process will be humane. It is also an added benefit of hiring a professional service to do this because they will examine your home, install prevention items, and fix any damage caused. If you are a resident of Maine, give A&D Construction Plus a call, and we will take care of your squirrel problem effectively and efficiently.


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